September 12, 2009

Some POD-Bot files for Filipinos

The following files are files for POD-Bot text files that I made while I am bored that would replace the existing files. I tested this on Counter Strike 1.3 and POD-Bot 2.5 and it worked.

This file is a replacement to the BotName list from where the bots get their names. I replaced them with some names mostly familiar to Filipino citizens out there. From what I've tested, this file won't work on FoxBot botname list.

Download Chris' Filipino BotName list here


The file below will replace the botchat from where the bots get their chat messages. Again, this is designed for Filipinos (there are tagalog phrases in it). However, I do not discourage foreigners to use this. You are free to try it (just make sure you know how to remove it ;) )

First, I recommend you make a backup copy of the Botnames.txt and Botchat.txt found in your sierra/half-life/cstrike/PODBot folder. Then, paste the new botnames.txt and botchat.txt in the same folder, replacing the old copies.

Disclaimer: I won't be responsible if your computer gets screwed for any reason. It worked perfectly in my game and don't have any problems.

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