May 25, 2010

Destroying Filipino Language, One Letter at a Time

Jejemons are Filipinos who want to attract attention and be “in” with the current fads of Jeje-speaking and Jeje-clothing. They are trying-hard mindless fools who try to look cool with those strange looking clown hats and upside down peace signs. They can also be humans that had stop short of evolving into intellegible Homo Sapiens and stuck with retard way of writing and clothing.

A Filipino writer (forgot his name) said that jeje-speaking is a product of Filipino creativity and we should let them develop new words.

Sure, they are a product of the Filipino’s creativeness but can average people understand what they are saying/writing? We can’t let these continue. Why? These people/animals are destroying the language of our nation. They are spreading this style of writing to the youth of our country and cause misunderstanding among Filipino fellowmen. Filipino language is here to unify the country under one language so each other can communicate easily and thus, move this wretched country forward into success.

These JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE style of writing are just a trend among teenage retard and fags but the way they write/type words make you think the people who wrote that is a total a-hole who take drugs and smokes every single second they are here on Earth and steal money from their parents so they can go to the nearest computer shop to play DotA 24/7. How can you respect these people who write like jerk?

I can take the hat and hand gesture but manipulating the art of Filipino writing is just wrong, especially if it is not for the better. These people are polluting the social networking sites like Facebook (Friendster is already fool full of them) with toxic gas that infects anyone who is stupid enough to find it cool. We should stop them now. What if foreigners see how these guys write?

Please… think of our country’s reputation and future…