May 20, 2010

Is That Transcend?

One day, when I was attending our Christmas Party, I was taking some photos with my digital camera when suddenly, my camera turned off. I turned it on again and found out that all the photos I have taken are gone. It seems the memory card got corrupted. So when I got home, I recovered my lost files with recovery software. Fortunately, I got most of the pictures back.

There was a classmate of mine who asked me to investigate his USB flash drive. He said that all the files in his USB flash drive are getting corrupted and he cannot open any of his files. While he is at it, he told me to put our school project document there so he can edit it. I opened his USB flash drive in the school computer laboratory then, after encountering some strange files, I opened one of his documents. It won’t open and Microsoft Office told us that the file is corrupt. Based on my experience on these problems, I reformatted the disk, put the file he needed back in to his USB flash disk and tried to open it. The file is corrupt however, whenever I try to open it in the computer from my flash drive, it works fine. I concluded that the his USB flash drive is no good and I advice him to pick another one, preferably, not that brand.

What’s with this two stories? Both my SD memory card and his USB flash disk are branded as TRANSCEND. Every time I see that word on a storage device, this word comes to mind: unreliable. Once your files are in those cards or disks, be prepared to lose them forever. I am steering away from Transcend-branded memory cards and flash disks. I’d rather pay premium (or semi-premium cuz I’m poor) to reputable brands to store my data files on than lose them when I least expect it. I always remind all computer users of all kind to always back up your data (or at least, keep another copy). You never know, anything can happen.

I still use my Transcend SD card. But I always keep a synchronized copy in my PC just in case anything happens. This Transcend SD card had already failed me twelve times