June 7, 2010


The China Mp5
Yeah, it's kinda old. It's almost one year after I bought this.

This device is a portable multimedia device. It can play mp3, mp4, NES and Gameboy roms, read text files, take photos and videos and record audio clips. It can also function as a web camera, video camera, and SD card reader. It also has its own share of flaws.

But first, let's have an overview of the features first.


Mp5 Audio Player
This device can play mp3 format files (it doesn't recognize wma and midi and I haven't tested on aac). You can play it through the loudspeaker or through standard earphones. Unfortunately, you can't multitask while playing music.

Mp5 Video player
It can play mp4 (not h264) and 3gp format videos. But don't expect playing high quality videos here.

NES/GBC emulation
This device can also be used to serve as a portable emulator for your classic games, provided you have the game ROM. Sometimes, there are bugs on some NES games and GBC games are a bit laggy, it performs well as expected. But watch your battery levels!

Some devices are preloaded with games. They aren't NES or GBC but an actual game designed for the system. You can download it here:

Nope. You can forget about reading PDF documents here. It can only read plain text files but still, it counts as feature. You must bear the buggy interface though.

It can take pictures and videos with its built-in camera. It can't match digital camera quality but it is comparable with most phone cameras in quality. I noticed that the camera quality degrades as it ages. But it seems to be a hardware problem because I dropped mine many times.

Mp5 as SD memory card reader
You can insert SD memory cards into its memory card slot to expand the built-in memory capacity but you can't move files from flash memory to memory card and vice versa without using a PC. Also, you can connect the device to a computer as USB mass storage device so you can access your SD card from your computer.


Calculator on mp5
*Calendar (buggy. unusable)

A shitty calendar on the mp5
*Webcam (I haven't tried it because it asks for some drivers)
*Chinese-English dictionary (also comes with voice clips)

more apps on the mp5
*Audio recordingaudio recording on the mp5

Even though this device packs a lot of features, it's overall quality isn't impressive. It tends to break easily, has buggy software, and hard to use interface. I only recommend this to people who need a quick multimedia fix.