July 22, 2010

Hingi Load for Smart Subscribers

What if suddenly, you have to call or text someone immediately only to find out you have no more prepaid load? You could try to find a Smart reloading center or borrow your friend's phone to make your call or text.

But there is little known feature Smart offers for their subscribers. It is actually possible for you to ask another Smart user for load (through PasaLoad). All you have to do is dial and call this number:

*808[append 11 digit cell number]

example: *80809123456789

You will hear a tone notification or the call will be rejected. Either way, a message notification from Smart will be sent to that person that states your mobile number asks for load. The recipient will have the option to send you the load (through Pasaload) or ignore this message.

There are drawbacks though. You can only use this feature once a day. So if the first person ignored your message for some reason, you have no chance of asking another person.