December 31, 2010

Trying Out Windows 7 64

With my Windows 7 up and running, I wondered what are the advantages of 64 bit computing. I have read about this on the net for a while. After all, I have a 64 bit capable CPU so I thought I could gain some performance by utilizing it with a 64 bit OS. So I got rid of my Windows 7 and replaced it with Windows 7 x64.

Luckily, all software I used with XP and 32bit Windows 7 worked fine on 64. I heard you can't use 32 bit drivers on 64 so I didn't try but I can't find 64 bit driver for my dial up modem so I'm basically off without internet on Windows 7.

I still found some uses of its 64 bit power on CPU and memory intensive tasks like video editing and converting videos where I saw a significance difference.