June 4, 2011

Suikoden Tierkreis for Nintendo DS First Impressions

I recently got a copy of Suikoden for the Nintendo DS. A few months back, I finished Suikoden 1 and Suikoden II on the playstation. They were great games and storyline.

As soon I heard about an upcoming Suikoden game for the DS, I eagerly awaited for release.

And here it is:

Note: I do not own the video. Credits goes to the person who uploaded this.

I was greeted with a full animated video, which is no longer a surprise since it's now common on DS games nowadays. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to appreciate the beauty of the video. The emulator struggles to keep up with the video until it slowed down to a crawl (even if I have a decent dual core setup).

Suikoden Tierkreis title screen
Anyway, I skipped the intro and started a new game. And you're treated by another cool voice-acted cutscene.

The Last Star of Destiny

Although, I think this should be at the end of the game.

Insert Name here Suikoden Tierkreis

After the cutscene, you will be prompted to enter your name. I was pleased to discover that it is long enough to fit in my name. Other games I played like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory was only able to fit "CHRIS".

After that, a little conversation between your character and Liu starts (with voice acting).

Conversations in Suikoden Tierkreis

Unfortunately, that's all I can take for now. I have too little time left before college starts and I'm still finishing Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar.

Until the next update. _