September 3, 2011

Recorder vs. Harmonica

I got bored playing the recorder so I wanted to try a new instrument. I bought a 48-hole tremolo harmonica for 130 pesos. At first, I got confused because it seems I can only play three notes: C, E, and G. I found out that if I draw instead of blow, I can play other notes on the key on of C. I can’t play other notes outside key of C like the sharps and flats though.

Recorder Pros and Cons:
+ Can play any notes
+ Cheaper (I bought mine for fifty pesos)
- Sounds like a child’s whistle or toy
- Can play two octaves only (professional recorder players might be able to reach the third octave though)
- Have to memorize the fingerings (this is easy for me)

Harmonica Pros and Cons:
+ Compared to the recorder, the harmonica sounds much better
+ Can play up to three octaves
+ Easy to memorize notes compared to the recorder where you have to memorize the fingerings
- Can only play the key of C
- Slightly expensive