October 24, 2011

Our new HP Deskjet 2060 Ink Advantage printer/scanner

We bought a new printer to replace our old aging HP Deskjet 3745 (bought seven years ago). It ran out of ink and it has been malfunctioning lately. Replacing the ink cartridge with an original is ridiculously expensive (almost one-third of the cost of the printer).

And so, my mother and I went to buy a replacement. We were looking for a printer with an affordable ink replacement. Our choices narrowed down between an Epson printer for Php 3,500.00 and an HP printer-scanner for Php 4,000. My sister really wanted to have a scanner because she likes to draw and submit her work at deviantart.

We chose the HP Deskjet 2060 Ink Advantage for it’s really cheap ink and the scanner and copy feature. The setup is no different compared to the old printer. It ran more quietly than the old one and does not paper jam as much. But I always forgot that this printer has a door that must be opened before I could print, unlike the 3745. The printer settings were a bit restricted compared to the 3745. You can only choose between fast draft, normal, and best quality in printing. The 3745 has five options. But it does not matter, the ink is pretty satisfactory even at fast draft level.

The scanner function is easy to use with the HP software included in the package. You can set the options before scanning the scans look okay too. It’s a minor inconvenience that you must turn the printer on manually before you could use the scanning software. The old 3745 turns on by itself whenever it receives a print job. Why can’t the new model do it?

Overall, it’s a good buy and we hope it would last for years like the old one did.