May 12, 2012

Akazukin Chacha Episode Review

I want to go back during the 90s. I did not recall any memory of me watching Akazukin Chacha so I obtained a copy and watched it. Actually, what raised my interest in this anime was the song titled "Kimi Iro Omoi" (SMAP) I found while browsing my music collection. It's catchy and I even made an osu! beatmap for it.

The anime was popular in the Philippines and I can't believe how they managed to create a Filipino dub of it, especially those Japanese puns.

Anyway, pictures speak louder than words so I'm gonna summarize a story through screenshots.

The Opening
How can you not think of Sailor Moon?

Episode 1
Here's Chacha, a student of  the greatest magician in the world, Seravy. 

And here we have the Great Evil Lord and his subordinate, Sorges.

Seravy gave Chacha the Princess medallion which she needed to transform.
She'll give the ring and the bracelet to her two friends at school.

Meet Riiya...

...who can transform into a wolf.

Meet Dorothy. Seravy's rival.

And Dorothy's student, Shiine, who got love at first sight with Chacha... Shiine and Riiya would be constantly fighting over Chacha.

To end the episode, Chacha transforms into Magical Princess to defeat the monster of the day.
Did I mention that she's going to do this in EVERY episode?

Episode 2
Meet Riiya's grandfather

"He's your GRANDPA?!"

And here is the Dark Evil Lord, with his two balls again

Meet the school principal

Our heroes were put in Banana class under Mr. Rascal, the 'generous' teacher.

And this is the evil spy who will watch over Chacha in school

Meet Yakko, and she is overly obsessed with Seravy, and forms a rivalry with Chacha.
Seriously, she's creepy when you think about it.

Monster of the day: Rascal's possessed hair
Episode 3

Shiine-chan is mad because of Chacha's constant affection with Riiya

And hopefully, the Dark Evil Lord is not holding two balls..

Their boat sunk and Chacha accidentally landed an anchor on Riiya's head.

Riiya got amnesia. Marine the mermaid found him and claimed him as her boyfriend.

"I found you Riiya!"

"But I'm Marine's boyfriend"

*sob* face :'(


Of course Shiine is happy...

It would have worked...

...if only he didn't mention Riiya

Then we've got Seravy to fix/hit Riiya's head and to get his memory back.

Monster of the day: the starfish possessing Marine's stalker

Episode 4
Marine is now attending on their school just so he can see Riiya

Yakko and Marine teamed up against Chacha

Marine does not know that Riiya is a wolf

Yakko agreed to put the love potion on Riiya's soup, in exchange for cash

Unfortunately, Rascal noticed something...

...and mixed it up

"YES! The potion actually worked!"

Shiine is now also in love with Marine


And even Rascal-sensei?!

You know someone screwed up when even Chacha loves you

"Give me my money back!"

Chacha and Riiya fought to death for Marine

The classic three piglets vs. the wolf

They eventually got tired and the potion's effect wore off

Monster of the day: the chalkboard eraser turned to butterfly 

And they also destroyed the school

I just realized that it would be a herculean task to review all 74 episodes of it. Maybe I'll just create a picture gallery of it.