May 16, 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody VSQ


Here is the full VSQx of the thing. Please note that it's kinda unorganized and you need a fairly powerful PC to playback all 13(!) tracks at the same time. This VSQx is made to sync with the instrumental provided below and is not guaranteed to sync with other off-vocals/instrumentals.

Download VSQx here.


I made the instrumental from a MIDI and processed it in FL Studio. I'll give two options for the instrumental. The first one is the instrumental I used in the first Bohemian Rhapsody on September 2012. The second one is the new one I made for the remake.

Instrumental 1 (September 2012)
Instrumental 2 (May 2014)


Choose mp3 quality below:

192kbps, Stereo