May 16, 2010

Browser Wars

There are wide selections of internet browser out there for you to try. Internet browser allows you to view webpages so it is important that it must comply with most standards. The user must also be comfortable with its user interface.

Our first browser was an Internet Explorer because it is the only browser installed in our Windows 98 machine (we didn't care about web browsers that much). We are actually satisfied with its performance. But soon, it has many problems in displaying web pages and filled the taskbar with many open windows of IE. Downloading files is a pain. IE randomly stops the download whenever it wants to. It has always annoyed me especially if I'm one-percent short of completing it.

After a one year, I downloaded this browser called Opera. It has lots of features and much faster than IE. It has a built-in download manager and we rarely encounter problems in loading pages. At that time, I also downloaded Firefox (version 1.5) to test if it would perform better than Opera. This Firefox crashed a lot, slowed our machine into halt, and took forever to load any pages. Needless to say, I uninstalled it and dismissed it as crapware. We stuck with Opera for three years.

In 2008, social networking sites like Facebook became popular. However, Facebook is almost unusable on Opera. By this time, Firefox 3.0 was out. "I hope they improved things this time." Firefox has really improved since the last time I used it. It's now faster and more stable than before. We stuck unto firefox for a few months.

Firefox's performance was okay. But after a several hours of internet session, it slowed down our PC and hogged all of our 512mb memory. So I sought for another browser that is fast and light on the resources. I downloaded Chrome and was instantly delighted with its neat interface and snappy performance. However, Firefox still remained on our PC because of its add-on system that Chrome cannot match.

Right now, I have three browsers installed in our new computer. Chromium for general browsing, Firefox for anything that requires its add-ons, and Opera for downloads. How about you? What's your browser?