May 14, 2010

Nokia 2323 Review

Nokia 2323

I recently bought a new Nokia 2323. For a really low price, this phone packs some basic feature that regular user needs.


+long battery life

+mp3, aac, wav playback



+voice recorder

+advanced calculator application

+themes support

+built in web browser

+3GP video playback


-low memory capacity

-no memory card slot

-no USB mass storage support

-some problems on playing midi files

-no camera

Nokia 2323 Box

The phone is presented in a small box. The package includes the mobile phone, the charger, user manual, a pamphlet on how to configure your e-mail, and stereo earphones. This phone and the Nokia 6300 is almost the same size. But this one is much lighter than any my previous phones (Nokia 6020, Nokia 3200, Nokia 2300, Motorola v3x). This one uses the new generation of Nokia chargers (the one with a much smaller connector). You can also connect any Nokia enhancement through its 2.5mm headset jack. Removing the back cover can be tricky and hard. The keypad design can be frustrating to some users and can be hard to press. After extended usage, some keys (especially at the edge) would 'sink' in whenever you press it.

The screen resolution is the same as other Series 40 handsets. It can display a wide array of colors. Although, I noticed color banding on some, most people won't notice it.

Now, let's highlight the pros and cons of this device.

Long Battery Life

From full charge and moderate use, the battery can last up to three days. Battery life can significantly decrease whenever using demanding applications like the radio, music player, web browser or games. Charging an empty battery can last up to three to five hours.

Music Playback

Nokia 2323 Music Player

The Nokia 2323 can play a number of audio file formats like mp3, aac, and wav files. The only problem here is the limited storage space. You can only fit one or two mp3 without anything else on its memory. I can actually fit seven to ten low quality aac files here. On the bright side, the music player performs well, but is missing some features like equalizers or playlist support. It can also run in background along other applications.


This phone supports bluetooth. This is the only way you can transfer files to and from your computer.


Nokia 2323 Radio

This device also features an FM stereo radio. To use the radio, you must plug the headset in. The wre functions as an antenna. You can save the frequency of the station, record from the radio, or play the radio through the loudspeaker (with the headset stilll plugged in). The radio would have been better if it didn't require the headset though.

Voice Recording

Nokia 2323 Audio Recorder

Voice recorder of the phone allows you t record sound from your phone's microphone. You can adjust the quality of the recording. The low quality saves the recording as amr file and the high quality saves it as wav file. You can record fifteen to thirty minutes of high quality recording or more than one hour of low quality recording.

Advanced Calculator

Nokia 2323 Advanced Calculator

This phone comes with a new version of the calculator. This new calculator can perform basic scientific calculations like square roots, fractions, and exponents.

Themes Support

Themes change the appearance of your phone. If you are bored with the default black theme, you can download thousands of new themes on the web (or create your own, more on that on my next posts)

Built-in Web Browser

Nokia 2323 with Opera Mini

This phone also comes preinstalled with Opera Mini. Now, you can browse the net faster and more secure. Too bad our network doesn't support Nokia 2323. Lucky you if you can setup a working GPRS connection.

For the cons:

Low Memory Capacity

This phone only has 10MB for the user files. This severely limits many key features of the phone. It's almost impossible to fit any videos longer than five minutes in that memory and storing your mp3 collection here is awkward. Your radio recording is limited on this tiny memory.

No Memory Card Slot

To make things worse, this phone doesn't allow you to expand its memory capacity through memory cards. You are forever stuck on 10MB.

No USB Mass Storage Support

The phone doesn't present you with any easy way to transfer files between your phone and your PC. Good thing is, if you can obtain a bluetooth receiver for your PC, you can use this phone's bluetooth to transfer your files.

Some Problem Playing MIDI Files

There seems to be a problem on its MIDI file support. Although, you won't bother on MIDI files but the support for these files are important to me that it deserves to be a con if there is a problem about it. It seems that it won't play midi files that have to many tracks, or has fast notes, or other things that make it complicated. It's a total hit or miss.

No Camera (or any advanced features in that matter)

Oh come on! This is budget phone. Don't expect cameras or 3G internet here.

This phone has served me well so far. Though, tech savvy users won't be pleased by its horrible memory capacity, this phone is better reserved for users who need a simple solution and for people on tight budget.