March 29, 2012

My UPD GE Subject Experience: English 1 (Eng 1) with Ms. Kwe

Hindi ko ito pinili. Naka-package na ito sa batch namin. Pero okay fine.


First Impression
As usual sa mga English subjects, merong 'introduce yourself' na part (which I extremely loathe). After that, sasabihin yung requirements and stuff... you know, standard orientation. zzzz.

Time Management
On time naman siya mag-start and mag-end. I think three times lang siya nag-absent..

Student Attendance

Minsan lang mag-check ng attendance.. and yeah.

Hindi naman siya nagfo-force recite so voluntarily ka mag-raise ng hand and answer. Merong class reporting na by-group so recitation din yun.

Quizzes and Exams
Unfortunately, nag-absent ako nung nag quiz sila. Pero according kay Zack, easy lang naman ito, parang ka-level ng highschool exams.

Fun Factor
if you find long information dump entertaining.... seek help.



*hm... lemme think...

*long discussion can get boring most of the time
*no film showing :( (really?)

6 / 10 = hmm.......................................

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