March 24, 2012

PLDT myDSL's Second Chance

While the Sun Broadband did replace our old 56K dial-up, it has its own share of problems.

The Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 350 gives us 60 hours of internet per month. Once that's depleted, we can opt to reload 25 pesos for 3 hours or 50 pesos for 24 hour unlimited internet use. Because some members of our family seem to overuse the internet, we find ourselves spending extra just to reload the darn thing.

My mom finally decided to give PLDT myDSL one more chance. The Plan 990 was the most appealing choice for my mom. While it was the slowest of all the other plans (384 kbps), it only costs an extra 300 pesos on top of our monthly telephone bill. Not to mention, unlike our current Sun Plan 350, the internet is UNLIMITED.

My mom applied at the nearest PLDT business center (which happens to be a walking distance away from our subdivision) and said it will be ready after five working days. Yeah right, the last time we applied it was five years. FIVE LONG YEARS.

After five working days, a PLDT guy called on our phone and asked if he can come and install the modem now. Woah, that was quick. He went down to our house, connected the wires to the modem, and gave me a basic tutorial. At first, I thought he was going to install a regular DSL modem. It turns out that he installed a Wi-Fi modem with four Ethernet ports for wired connections. Sweet!

Anyway, after installing the modem, he kept calling to some other tech guys at PLDT (I think) about “activate our line” or something like that. Finally, he left and told me to check the modem later if the internet works.

I checked back after four hours and voila! It worked! As expected, it was a tad slower than the Sun Broadband Wireless. The Wi-Fi signal goes through the whole house.

For the first time, I was satisfied with PLDT’s service. This PLDT myDSL marked the demise of 56k dial-up and downgrading our Sun Broadband Wireless to prepaid.

But it is still too early to judge the DSL’s performance. Next time, I’ll write/rant about the good and bad experiences with this DSL. Stay tuned.

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