August 8, 2012

Filipino Language and Computer UI

I find it interesting that Google offers a Filipino version of their browser, Chrome.

While localized software products are common nowadays they are usually widely used languages like Spanish, German, French, and Chinese. As a Filipino, I'm surprised to see one software written in my native language.

However, I fail to see the reason why Google would translate Chrome (and other Google services) to this language. Most Filipinos are not comfortable with it and are used to the English interface to navigate the menus. If they are targeting people who can't speak English so they can use Google's services, I still don't get the point because these people are usually the least privileged in the society and they have barely access to a computer, let alone Internet access.

That aside, Google has provided you with an option to change the language so it's no big deal if you're not comfortable with the default language.