August 12, 2012

Quick Anime Review 1: Death Note, Akazukin Chacha, Angel Beats

Listed in order I watched:

Angel Beats

What can I say? This anime almost made me cry. It's that dramatic! The plot is excellent though feels rushed. Not all characters got developed and I think only one got a dedicated episode. The graphics is superb; it's clean and bloomy.

Akazukin Chacha

Why am I watching an 18 year old anime? Nostalgia, that's why. The graphics is what you would expect on a 90s anime. The design was colorful and the plot was linear and simple; obvious target audience were kids. The show relies on Japanese puns for its comedy making it tricky to dub. I've watched the Filipino dub of it and I must say they made a good job. Also, this is also the longest anime I've watched setting a record of 74 episodes (plus 3 OVA).

Death Note

I watched this alongside Akazukin Chacha and if Akazukin Chacha was day, Death Note would be the night. The graphics are dark and serious and looks slightly like something from a horror film. The plot is one of the most intricate I've seen. I mean... just wow. We need Detective Conan.