September 14, 2012

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Anime Review

My sister once told me about an anime about a girl that has tentacles, can spit ink, and light up like a squid. I thought how out-of-this-world animes these days had become.

For some crazy reason, I decided to watch the first episode of Ika Musume and since then, I got hooked into it.

The graphics are average but the character design is cute especially for the titular character. There are times when the animation is not smooth but it does not detract me so much.

"Shinryaku~! Shinryaku~! Shinryaku~! Shinryaku~!..." The soundtrack is addicting. The OPs are lively electronic music which are common for a young audiences' show. Somehow, I find the first season's OP better than the second season's but that's just my opinion.

Contrast to the OP, the ED of this anime is calm and acoustic. All EDs of this Anime including the OVA are my favorites.

The show's episodic structure is different. Each episode is divided into three short stories. I heard each chapter of the manga has only 8 pages. This three-story-in-one kinda reminds me of Doraemon.

The plot is okay, considering it's for younger demographics. It's not as deep as Rozen Maiden or as complex as Death Note but it sure gave me a good laugh. It is mostly comedy but once in a while, some drama will occur.