December 9, 2012

A Look Back at my Vocaloid Gangnam Style Disaster

Unsurprisingly, the Gangnam Style vocaloid covers were among the most viewed videos in my channel. Some may consider it success but I won't when I found out it has more dislikes than likes!

Watch Oliver, Tonio, Leon, Miriam, Prima, Sweet Ann, and Big Al sing Gangnam Style. 
Also see the improved version of Oliver's rendition.

What caused this abysmal magnitude of hate?

The failure boils down to these two points:

1. It was rushed out of production

At that time, Gangnam Style was gaining its popularity. Then it hit me: What if I create a Vocaloid cover of Gangnam Style? Yeah! That would be an awesome idea!

I searched youtube if anyone has created a Vocaloid cover of the song. Someone did using Spicy Andy (which to my understanding, is a nmodified Sweet Ann) and thankfully he made the VSQ available for download.

My philosophy was to upload the Gangnam video quick before anyone does. Then began the sweatshop of making Engloids say "Oppa Gangnam Style!"

Parameters were ignored, pitches were not adjusted to the singer vocaloid, audio effects were used carelessly; that's how it went during the production.

By the time the videos were uploaded, another user made SeeU sing AND dance Gangnam Style. My expression: Oh Crap.

2.  Lack of experience in Vocaloid

I was just starting out on Vocaloid sequencing when I came up with the Gangnam Vocaloid cover. Techniques like Legato, Portamento, and Singer Properties did not exist back then.

Coupled with the short time limit, it was a perfect recipe for disaster.

The Problems:
1. Incorrect pitches for the Vocaloid
Worst offenders was Oliver singing it too high.

2. Haphazard use of effects
The chorus effect was added without good reason.

3. It was spammed!
In a short amount of time (two days), 8 (crappy) videos were uploaded to my channel.

Of course I learned from my mistakes. The Bohemian Rhapsody project aimed to avoid these issues. It was made slowly but surely. It was not spammed. It employed recent techniques in Vocaloid.

And lastly, the biggest difference is that it was a success.

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