November 2, 2012

Vocaloid Bohemian Rhapsody MP3

Download links for mp3 below:
The Japaloids version (Miku, VY2, Len, Gakupo, and Kiyoteru)
The Engloids version (Oliver, Prima, Tonio, Sweet Ann, Big Al)

Wait, where's the VSQ?
I won't be releasing the VSQ for this song because first, it is messy. The VSQ(x) contains 13 tracks! For the Engloids, I have to split and convert some of the tracks to VSQ for the Vocaloid2 voices. For the Japaloids, the note sequence is messy and depending on the vocaloid, it pops and it's choppy. Plus, most of the work is done on the audio editors.

Tell me more how you did this song:
1. First step is to disassemble the MIDI file. I removed the instrument tracks and left the vocal and choir tracks.
2. Vocaloid only accepts a series of single notes per track. So I have to split the choir's voices into monophonic tracks.
3. Import them into the vocaloid editor and add the lyrics and adjust the parameters.
4. Render them as individual tracks. Put them back together in the audio editor. Add the music and synchronize them. Make sure everyone's voice is equally loud.
5. Animate the pictures using keyframes.