March 7, 2013

Take On Me Vocaloid VSQ Download

I'm not really planning to release the VSQ because it is really messy but since many have requested for it, I made it available.

Download the VSQ here.

You may use it as long as you credit me ^_^.

UPDATE (8/14/13): I appended all the parts into one complete VSQ. However, the package no longer has the MID for Vocaloid1.

The zip file contains 2 Vocaloid MID files and 2 VSQ files.
I converted the Vocaloid1 MID files to VSQ so you can use it in your Vocaloid2 or Vocaloid3 editors.

Wait, why are there two VSQ/MID files?
Originally, I was only going to make a short cover of the song by skipping the third verse but Chorvaqueen convinced me to do the whole song so the third verse was later added in as a seperate file.

Why is the second chorus missing?
I only tuned the first chorus and then copy-pasted it on my audio editor to make the second chorus (because essentially, they are the same).