March 16, 2013

Titanium VSQ Download

UPDATED (11/11/2013):

I finally assembled the full VSQx for Titanium. Notice that there are some differences between this vsqx and the vsqx I used in my cover. Like before, this is designed for Kaito and syncs well with the piano instrumental found here.

Download the VSQx here.

This is the vsq for my short cover of Titanium.

Download it here.

The zip file contains two VSQx (and converted VSQ for V2). Both VSQ were designed for Kaito so phoneme changes might be necessary if you're going to use it for other Engloids.

This is the VSQ I used for Kaito and I especially tuned it for Kaito. This vsqx is also designed to sync with the piano instrumental.

This vsqx has no tempo changes and also syncs with the MIDI instrumental (included). With a little work, you can make it sync with the original instrumental.