May 11, 2010

Free PLDT Vibe Internet Hours

PLDT Vibe Card

PLDT Vibe is one of the many dial-up Internet Service Providers in the Philippines. It is available as postpaid and as prepaid cards (postpaid is expensive by almost three times than prepaid). Many people aren't satisfied with the service, however, there is one thing that makes it stand out among its rivals. PLDT Vibe provides the longest "off-peak" time.

What is this off-peak time? When you connect to the net within the specified off-peak time, the card's allocation won't decrease. It simply means you can use the service for free, in theory. I'm sure it won't decrease your hour allocation but I'm not sure if you are charged on the phone bill by how many times you connect.

PLDT Vibe offers 12 hour off-peak (starting 12mn up to 12noon). ISPx Bonanza also offers off-peak hours but for only four hours (I forgot what time). But whenever I try connect to it during off-peak, I always get rejected maybe because many people are trying to connect or already connected. It takes luck to get in but when you are in, you won't stay connected for long. So I gave up on ISPx Bonanza.

Remember that only prepaid cards have this 'feature'. Postpaid would still be charged with corresponding fees.