May 10, 2010

Make No$GBA Screen Bigger

Are you tired of staring to the small emulation screen on your monitor? This should not be a problem if you're playing a GBA game but the latest version of no$gba does not support resizing on DS thus, are stuck on that small screen.

There are a number of ways to make your gaming sessions on your no$gba comfortable for your eyes. Note that I tested these on versions 2.6 and 2.6a

1. Set it to compatibility mode

Right click the no$gba executable file and select properties. Go to the compatibility tab. Check the box labeled 'run in 640x480 resolution'. Apply changes.

Next time you open your No$gba emulator, the screen resolution would change to 640x480. However, this method is not recommended if you are multitasking (like browsing the net or typing a document), because ths screen will be stuck in 640x480 until you exit the emulator. Seriously, surfing the net at 640x480 resolution is not a good idea.

2. Use myZoomSoft

myZoomSoft is a program created by someone on the emulation community. Though, obtaining this program is not easy. I have to sign up to a forum just to download it. Once you get hold of the program, setting up is easy. Copy all the file in the zip to the same folder as the emulator. Open both programs (not exactly at the same time) then load your NDS rom. After a few minutes, the zoom screen would display the zoomed version of the emulator. Closing the emulator will also close myZoomSoft, but if you opt to close myZoomSoft, it won't close the emulator. You can use the zoomed lower screen as a touch screen. Right clicking in the zoom screens would present the menu of the myZoomSoft. You can set it to zoom only one screen, adjust the resolution of the zoomed screen, or apply filtering effects to make the zoomed image clearer. Though there are a few bugs (touchscreen getting stuck), it still worth the try.