June 24, 2011

Connecting to the Internet using a Mobile Phone

I suddenly have an urge to experiment on my mobile phone internet. I found an interesting unlimited internet data plan for SMART that allows me to surf unlimited for 24 hours. For fifty pesos, it was able to afford it and try it out.

My phone is a Nokia X3. Ideally, you should get the most out of the unlimited net by using 3G capable phone. I used to have a Motorola V3X for this purpose, but that was years ago.

Anyway, I do not have a USB cable for the X3 but you can connect it through Bluetooth via the Nokia PC Suite (which you can download on Nokia’s official site).

After registering for the service on Smart’s mobile page, you can now start surfing unlimited. I used the computer to connect to the internet using the phone’s GPRS connection. At first, the speed was fine and slightly faster than dial-up but after a few minutes, the speed bumped down to a crawl. My possible theory for this is Smart is throttling your speed down to avoid abusing the service.

After the succeeding attempts, the speed remained slightly slower than dial-up.

I therefore recommend this service to people tried and failed to connect to the internet using any other means.

That’s how bad the service is.

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